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Why Choose Us:
There are many ways to source candidates to fill open positions, including advertising in a variety of media such as the internet, employee referrals, or by using a recruiting or search firm.

At the Maxwell Group our candidate pool is highly diverse. Many recruiting firms live and die by running advertisements or utilizing on-line resume databases to gather the same resumes you could receive via your own means. These candidates are invariably registered with many recruiting firms and are interviewing anywhere they can. This leads to a lack of focus and control in the recruiting process. Our depth of experience and candidate and client relationships, on the other hand, enables us to source a candidate pool not readily available to your firm or other recruiting firms.

The Maxwell Group is organized to get results. In addition to our pool of "active" candidates, we have an extensive network, which helps us source candidates who might not be actively looking but would consider listening if the right opportunity arose. We also support an ongoing research effort and maintain a database of candidates that fall into our areas of specialization, which we use to identify potential candidates on an exclusive basis for clients when they conduct a search - ensuring that you won’t just see the "same old" resumes from us.

We pre-screen each candidate before presenting a resume, ensuring that the essential criteria of both parties are met, such as skill set, level and compensation, personality and presentation, and other expectations.

We handle everything from scheduling interviews through negotiating compensation, advising you of any issues along the way. We expedite, not hinder the process.