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What you need to know:

Looking for a new position is usually viewed as a welcome challenge, a necessary evil, or a process somewhere in between. Whether you are "actively" seeking a new place of employment, or you have more of a "passive" interest and want to be kept apprised of opportunities within a certain set of criteria, we can provide you with information about potential opportunities with many firms that you may be interested in.

Our staff takes the time to understand your goals, needs, skills and interests. This enables us to provide information to you regarding career direction, paths to attain your goals, and realities vs. myths of the employment market. As a candidate you are treated as an individual, not just another number or resume.

We take a logical approach to the job search process. We speak with you regarding a specific company or position before presenting your background or resume. We will thoroughly prepare you before every interview by providing background on the company, the hiring managers, position requirements, "hot buttons", growth potential and other pertinent information. This allows you to go to the interview feeling confident and focused. We expedite the process, functioning as intermediary between you and the company from start to finish, handling all scheduling, feedback and, ultimately, the negotiation of your compensation package.